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Saturday / May 8.
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Maps To The Stars


It’s hard to argue with the claim that we are living in the information age. Issue One of Dataism is a celebration of Creativity. This issue has a theme that focus back to Dataism‘s core goals, ideas and culture.

Drilling down into the heart of Creativity, we investigate its pillars. We explore how everything from quantum particles to humans themselves can turn out. In the first chapter, “Creativity in Nature,” we tell you stories about the boundaries of the knowable.

In this issue, we took the thread of secret codes and tugged at it. We found computer hackers and made-up languages, machine learning and medical data. We received expert advice on the intersection between Creativity and science, then, is broad and varied.

We hope you learn a lot about what you can’t know. Welcome to “Maps To The Stars.”

Amir Arres

Editor in Chief

Written by

Amir Arres has been the Editor in Chief of Dataism since November 2015. He directs its strategy and development. He has a background in Data Analysis and a BA in Business Decision Making. Amir is interested in how new thinking from Big Data challenges conventional ways of understanding knowledge and culture. His vision for Dataism is to create a sanctuary online for bold and nuanced ideas.