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Saturday / April 10.
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The Story of Dataism


We are living in a new world where technology surrounds us almost all of the time and information is available at the press of a button.

Dataism will explore topics around the future of Big Data through issue-specific deep dives. It represents a remarkable intersection of Big Data, the web and culture. Since that is exactly the kind of intersection we love to write about.

Launching today, is our first step towards building a publication that operates differently. We are a team of editors who want to challenge ourselves to write better articles that break new ground. Period.

To do that, we are focusing on writing for readers we think are underserved, who don’t consistently find news that is relevant to them and their business challenges. We know this is an ambitious idea given the flood of free content on the market. To succeed we’ll have to do more with less, be ruthlessly focused, be creative and be consistent.

Those challenges drive us and make us so excited to be launching today. We would love to hear from you. We have much to do and look forward to adding new features that our subscribers want. For now, we are thrilled you are here to see what we have been building these past few months and to help us take the next steps.

Our words of thanks must be incomplete so that they aren’t a thousand lines long. First, thanks to the people who helped us build our new home. And above all, thanks to our writers for throwing in with us and to you, our first readers, for making it all real. Welcome aboard.

Amir Arres

Editor in Chief

Written by

Amir Arres has been the Editor in Chief of Dataism since November 2015. He directs its strategy and development. He has a background in Data Analysis and a BA in Business Decision Making. Amir is interested in how new thinking from Big Data challenges conventional ways of understanding knowledge and culture. His vision for Dataism is to create a sanctuary online for bold and nuanced ideas.