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Tuesday / January 25.
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Four Lessons From IoT Early Adopters


The Internet of Things can conjure up images of futuristic connected homes and smart cities that seem remote and impractical. The impact of IoT is fast being felt across consumer markets, bringing the power of digital technology into a range of fields. While every field will likely see some impact from Internet of Things, some stand to benefit by being early adopters.

But who are these early adopters? Early adopters are a larger group at 13.5 percent of the population. Early adopters are well-known opinion leaders. Because of their leadership, early adopters command attention and respect, and they function as cross-pollinators. Like bees fertilize flowers by bringing pollen from one flower to another, early adopters spread new ideas from innovators to others. IoT requires these opinion leaders to spur the industry.

Early adopters of IoT are learning from their experience. Many starts small, build management support then get more ambitious. Others are seeking first mover advantages like developing industry wide Internet of Things platforms. Above all they are getting ready for when the market does take off.


Time matters. Time and again the business case for an IoT investment hangs on changing the way people work or live. Time is a valuable commodity for consumers who seek solutions that anticipate their needs and deal with repetitive tasks.

Choose the Right Partners. Given the significant role that communications play in IoT, but the right partner may not be obvious.

Best enablers win. The brands that can ease the concerns of consumers wary of trying new technology by delivering what they promise will gain trust, leading to future business.

Earning trust is key. A company that successfully enables consumer smart solutions first can earn a consumer’s trust, leading that consumer to stick with the first brand that gives them that.


The IoT is expanding, and more industries will eventually incorporate the IoT paradigm into regular operations. Over time, more and more employees, managers, and planners will find themselves relying on IoT data as part of their daily jobs. Technological fads come and go, but the IoT idea is here to stay.

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Amir Arres has been the Editor in Chief of Dataism since November 2015. He directs its strategy and development. He has a background in Data Analysis and a BA in Business Decision Making. Amir is interested in how new thinking from Big Data challenges conventional ways of understanding knowledge and culture. His vision for Dataism is to create a sanctuary online for bold and nuanced ideas.